Urban Poling Classes

Summer into Autumn 2019


September 3, 10, 17, 24,  2019     fee: $52

October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2019      fee: $65

9:30 - 10:45 am  *please note new start time*

Arise & Shine Urban Poling Classes
Arboretum, Ottawa

Gate 8 {closest to restrooms}

*please see humidex postponement policy below*

This 75 minute class provides a total-body fitness experience while enjoying the beautiful Arboretum! We alternate periods of walking with balance, strength & flexibility movements and end with a yoga cool-down.

Enhance your cardiovascular fitness, balance, strength and flexibility.
*pre-requisite: must be able to walk briskly for 30 min nonstop*.

Once the term has begun, there are no refunds for classes missed.
All classes must be taken within registered session and cannot be carried
over into other sessions.
Missed workshop days or pre-registered classes are not credited.

Meeting place is at the ARBORETUM.

From Prince of Wales, at roundabout, turn into road marked ARBORETUM. Go around the loop & turn right to park behind and close to restrooms.

we meet at the gate closest to the rest rooms called G8.


humidex postponement: if the humidex is 32C or greater, class will be postponed that week. you will be notified an hour before class starttime by email if this is the case.

-It is important that we begin class on time.  Please arrive with poles at proper height and properly clothed, including hand protection if need be.

-Check height of poles EACH TIME you go out walking as temperature / humidity changes can loosen them.
-Please come to class scent-free.

What to Wear/Bring to Class:

*Urban Walking Poles, set to appropriate height (arms at 90 degree angle when standing   up tall and shoulders relaxed).
*Eye protection, if desired
*Water to drink during or after class
*Optional: light snack, tissues

How to Dress:

-Base layer:  A snug-fitting merino wool, silk or synthetic fabric will help to wick perspiration away from your body.  Avoid wearing cotton as this absorbs perspiration.

-Mid layer:  thermal, light weight fleece, sweater or ski vest that is warm, insulating, comfortable. The layer that would keep you warm if you took your outer jacket off .
-Outer layer: warm,  windproof & water-repellent.

Hat:  Preserves 50% of your body heat!!!
Mittens:  are usually warmer than gloves. If you're prone to cold hands, putting
'Hot shots' or similar items inside your mittens to keep your hands warm in very cold weather.

Gators: to protect snow from entering boots and helps to keep the lower leg dry.

Good facts to know:

In case of hazardous weather conditions {torrential rain, freezing rain or blizzard, or a wind-chill factor of 30C or more}:

please check your email at least 1 hour before class start time for any cancellation notices.

Please phone me if unsure 613 858 8177

One-on-One Private Urban Poling / Snowshoeing Sessions:
Tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

Please contact me to set up a session.

What is Urban Poling? (also known as Nordic Pole Walking)

Urban Poling/Nordic Pole Walking uses special poles designed to engage the muscles of your core, upper body and legs providing a total body workout. It is a wonderful activity for people of all ages and abilities, including those recovering from injury, chronic conditions, during the pre and post-natal period and for people who want to get into great shape while enjoying the outdoors!

Please see  www.urbanpoling.com  for more information or to purchase poles.

What are the Benefits of Urban Poling!

  • Provides a full body workout (involving 90% of your body’s muscles!)
  • Activates and tones your core muscles
  • Maintains whole-body bone density
  • Reduces joint stress (especially in the knees, feet and hips)
  • Increases your heart rate and caloric expenditure (the perceived exertion is similar to that of normal walking, but you burn 30% more calories!)
  • Improves overall physical fitness
  • Improves your posture, balance and co-ordination
  • Increases the range of motion in your shoulders and hips
  • Improves lymph system function 
  • Increases upper body muscle usage (by 95% compared to walking without poles!)

  *Reference: Sarah Weller, Kinesiologist (BCAK), Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP),                                                                    Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist

Please watch this video for a brief preview: 



"What did I like about my one on one urban poling class with Eileen - the whole 60 minutes!  Her approach and teaching style lead you to remember all that you're being taught and it is a lot :-)   Eileen observes how you walk and incorporates good walking form with how to use the poles.  She logically educated me starting from my head down to my feet to get me poling properly. Her use of visual cues to understand how to effectively use your body and muscles -- yoga warm down -- she wants you to succeed. Thank you Eileen!"

  Lise, Ottawa

I have been taking pole walking classes with Eileen for over a year and can honestly say that they are the highlight of my week. Whatever the season or the weather, the classes offer a great workout, a fun outing, and a wonderful get-together with like-minded people. Eileen is an upbeat, caring and inspiring teacher. She pays attention to each and every one of her students, provides excellent instructions and celebrates even the smallest of achievements. I have become stronger and more fit since starting pole walking, and am looking forward to classes starting again this spring!
   Anna Kenney, Ottawa

For me, pole walking with Eileen in the Arboretum is an incredible experience that invigorates my mind, body and soul.  Eileen brings so much knowledge and enthusiasm to each class, and she always makes it a point to get to know you and your body individually, thereby ensuring you get the optimum benefit from the class.  Ending the workout with a yoga practice is an added bonus that my body adores! I have gained a newfound love and respect for my body and its vast abilities, all thanks to Eileen.  She is a gifted teacher and a deeply caring person.  I am grateful for her in my life.

    N.H., Ottawa

I met Eileen with her poles in a physio department where I was attempting to recover from a bad fall on the ice. When I asked her about her poles, she explained she gave pole walking lessons. I enrolled and I found my adventuresome self again. Eileen is a caring, fun-loving woman who enjoys many talents and she shares them with both a generous and disciplined spirit. I find her company a joy!

    Freida, Ottawa

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