I have been going for Thai massage with Eileen for about one and a half years now. I also go to Eileen's yoga classes. During her sessions and classes Eileen brings a different level of energy into the room & a more engaged presence. Eileen guides you through the physical experience and at the same time allows you to go deep and connect with your inner. Eileen's sessions are physically relaxing and at the same time deeply spiritual.

I had my first Thai massage when I bought the service from Eileen at a silent auction last Spring. It was such a wonderful experience that I have gone back again and again. The massage is energizing and my body could feel the effects immediately - as I compared one side that was done to the other. The relaxation is immediate for both body and mind. I come out of there ready to climb a mountain! I would highly recommend Eileen for a Thai massage.

Eileen turns wisdom from her very wide world into a gift of insight into our bodies and minds. Her Thai yoga massage provides a wonderful counterbalance to the steep hills and potholes of an active life.

I am a long term client and since many years I have been gratefully receiving Thai Massage and Reiki from Eileen Scully. Eileen's professional experience as a Registered Nurse, Thai, Reiki and Yoga Practitioner bring a very unique blend integrating her vast knowledge of the physical anatomy, emotional depth and spiritual intuition.  When I arrive I feel fully supported both physically and emotionally.  The treatment room is infused with therapeutic essential oils and the oils are also incorporated into the session bringing another element of healing.  I leave the session feeling lighter infused with well being.  I would highly recommend Eileen and invite you to experience this gift for yourself.  
   S. Jones

I have been seeing Eileen for over 8 years after being referred to her by my chiropractor.  My chiropractor adjustments were not holding due to the fact that my hamstrings were too tight which caused the adjustment to revert almost immediately to when I came in for an adjustment (not very useful!).  His best advice was to see Eileen as Thai Yoga Massage was the best method to help me with my flexibility issues.  Over time, Eileen, gradually increased my flexibility through bi-weekly visits.  I had several sport injuries throughout my life so Eileen’s experience guided her to help me strengthen areas beyond my flexibility issues.  If I go in with tightness in my lower back, I leave with no tightness.  I never worry if I have some physical issues as I know Eileen is there to work them out for me.  I highly recommend seeing Eileen if you have had any sport injury and would like to get up out of a chair without a groan due to tightness!  Flexibility is underrated.  With increased flexibility you will have more energy and well rested sleep.  I have referred Eileen to several colleagues and clients and all have had very positive experiences with her.  If you want a massage that won’t leave you in pain after the massage, see Eileen!
    Mike V.

Thai Yoga Massage

What is Thai Yoga Massage?
Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art, rooted in Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine.  

It is regarded as a spiritual practice, a way to cultivate Metta

(the pali word for loving kindness).

What can I expect?

Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a special mat on the floor; with the client dressed in comfortable clothing. Each session is customized and tailored to meet your specific needs, ranging from a slow, relaxing massage for deep relaxation to a dynamic, energizing massage.

During each session, Eileen guides your body into yoga-like postures while using her thumbs, hands, elbows, arms, knees and feet along the body's energy (sen) lines and pressure points, thus blending yoga postures with acupressure and reflexology.  With your permission, Eileen uses therapeutic essential oils both topically and infused into her treatment room.  Reiki is also incorporated into each session.

What are the benefits of Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is a comprehensive, whole-person treatment that frees the flow of vital energy by helping to release blockages in the body.

Muscular tension is relieved, circulation improved, immune system is boosted and body is energetically balanced.

Muscles are stretched, inner organs toned and emotional & nervous tension is reduced.

Posture, breathing and flexibility are supported, as well as a greater sense of well-being, along with a wide range of emotional benefits!

A deep sense of peace and a profound sense of well-being can be experienced during and after a treatment.

How do I Prepare for a Thai Yoga Massage?
Please dress comfortably, in layers, for movement. Belts, buckles and restrictive clothing are not recommended.

Let your belly be not too full and not too empty. Best not to eat a large meal for 2 hours before the session.

No Scent Policy
We are pleased to offer a chemical free space!

To respect the needs of those that are sensitive to chemicals, PLEASE do not wear perfume, cologne, scented face creams or scented body/hair care products, OR wear clothing containing chemicals such as: dryer sheets, perfumed laundry soap, chemically-scented deodorant, mothballs, etc.
If unsure, please hang out clothes in fresh air for a day!

Please Contact Me to Book Your Session

I offer one and one-half hour and two hour sessions.