Sunday, February 12, 2017


Vraie Nature Yoga

Chelsea, Quebec

Discover the Joy of playful communication through the practice of partner yoga. 
This playshop includes yoga poses, accupuncture meridian stretches, and guided breathwork.
Bring your valentine, your spouse, friend, sibling...

anyone you want to stretch and connect with.
There is space only for 7 Partner/Couples
Here is the spot to book your place.

Payment must be made by credit card in advance to reserve your spot.

$65/couple by Wednesday, February 8th
$75/couple after February 8th.


contact Eileen:
phone: 613-858-8177


My experience of partner yoga with Ed & Eileen was one of experiencing both the challenges AND the positive aspects of my relationship with my partner on a physical level & having the opportunity to shift into more harmony.
   Marlene Neufeld, Ottawa

Partner yoga is a whole body experience of what happens in relationships on an emotional spiritual and intellectual level, and moving to the essentials of a balanced and harmonious relationship. Eileen and Ed are masters at taking couples through this.
   Bob Neufeld, Ottawa

One gift (of many) we took away with us from your Couples Playshop is the Responsibility Factor (as we call it). Our ABILITY to RESPOND and that we are 100% accountable for what we create in our relationships with others. Having the words to clearly express what we had been feeling spiritually has given us a nice framework and the ability to to explain it to others, most importantly, our children!! Some other gifts included taking the time to BE with each other and funny enough a lesson that shone through the class but was not part of the direct teachings, was to savor the beauty in the other person. Both sets of Instructors were doing that with each other and it spread outwards into the class. That energy is so beautiful and it reminded us to recall and to re-new our appreciation for one another. We wish you a wonderful playshop. We are grateful to the four of you. Frankly, you guys make a great team and your energies are harmonious and loving. One other things that merits mentioning- the environment that was created for the class was safe and compassionate. It allowed us at least to feel free to express ourselves without judgment.
Many Blessings!

   Andrea & Nikolaos