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My introduction to Yoga followed my 75th birthday and Eileen Scully was my first teacher. I have since gained enormous benefit, mental and physical, from her instruction. Eileen has a genuine interest in people. She is extremely well liked by her students for whom she shows respect at all times. She is kind and caring, welcomes questions and gives clear answers. Eileen is always ready to provide individual attention and feedback. The general atmosphere of her classes is convivial, she inspires confidence in her students and makes them feel at ease. She is an excellent teacher and the consummate professional.

   Gunther Abrahamson

I have been practicing yoga with Eileen since 1998 and I am humbly grateful to have found her classes. When I began yoga in 1998 I was searching for something to help me to relax and slow down my over active mind and body. Through my journey with Eileen's gentle guidance I have discovered more than I could have ever anticipated ranging from peace to awareness to self care. Eileen's teachings of loving compassion and joyous gratitude brought me to a new spiritual path and have inspired me so much that I am now training to become a yoga teacher. My hope is that one day I will inspire others as much as she inspires me. Thank you Eileen for all your support on my journey. Namaste.
   Sandy Jones

I have never done yoga before. Since working with Eileen I have found my flexibility increasing for every day activities. My chronic pain has drastically decreased. And my core is stronger making many of my daily activities easier to engage in. As a teacher/leader Eileen has the wonderful ability to focus on the individuals, respecting peoples abilities. This makes it like having private yoga lessons enabling you to move and grow into things at your own pace.
   EM, Aylmer, PQ

Thank you so much for all you have put into our classes together at Lindenlea - I have loved the time on my mat that I’ve spent in your classes - it has been very precious and I will miss you. The last class you gave us on Monday was wonderful: you seem to have a special knack for giving us the very poses that our bodies are craving! Also, after 20+ years of going to yoga classes, you gave me new poses, movements, ideas and attitudes that I will be keeping safe and cherishing.
I wish you all the very best for the future and sincerely hope that our paths will cross again on our mats somewhere! Namaste!


I love going to Eileen's yoga classes because each class is always different and I always learn something new. It's very obvious that Eileen puts a lot of work and planning before each class to make it a personal and healthy experience for each one of us. The warmth that radiates from her make it a pleasure to be one of her students.

I ventured into yoga out of curiosity following my 75th birthday. Eileen was my first and only teacher. After ten years of instruction, meditation, and a commitment to the discipline of practice, I have gained enormous benefit. With Eileen's help, I learned to live in the moment, to cope with stress, and to increase strength and flexibility - a model of transformation through yoga! Eileen inspires confidence in her students whom she respects, she welcomes questions and gives clear answers. Her support and interest go well beyond the classroom and she is always willing to help. I shall always value her friendship.
   Gunther Abrahamson

Merci beaucoup d'avoir fait renaitre le gout et l'interet pour le yoga,que j'avais deja dans le passe.Lorsque je fais les exercises tot le matin, j'apprecie chaque souffle,chaque moment ou mes yeux exaltes contemplent la beaute de la creation,la beaute des gens et amis qui m'entourent et surtout d'avoir la sante et de savourer en " paix" tout ce qui ce passe autour de moi.... you are a wonderful teacher, I am fortunate that our path connected.....Namaste
   Michele Martin

I consider when I started taking yoga one of the defining moments of my life. I remember the first night , you asked me to fill out a form, and one of the questions was " what do you hope to gain from your yoga experience" or something like that. I wrote down the usual replies of wanting greater strength , flexibility, stress reduction etc. You read my form and kind of laughed and made the comment that people usually end up continuing with yoga for none the reasons that they originally intended. I remembered that comment in the weeks and months to come as I would eagerly await each yoga class. I was getting stronger and more flexible, but there was also something else .I was feeling a lot more calmer and found myself approaching the day and all of the various situations that would arise in a different way. As my body was getting more flexible, so was my mind.....I wasn't so rigid and one dimensional in my thinking, I was a lot more empathetic in dealing with the people in my life.

I was most definitely not looking for any kind of "spiritual" enlightenment when I started taking yoga, in fact I was very closed to that idea all together. But something was taking place in my head that was far more important than what was happening with my body. That was the gift that yoga gave me that I received from you, Eileen. You have been a wonderful role model for everyone who wants to see real yoga in action. You thoughtfulness and concern for everyone in your classes is amazing.Your enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all.

Physically, I no longer deal with back and neck pain like I used to, and I have made a joke of my physiotherapists claim that I would never increase my range of mobility in those areas. And most importantly, I don't feel like anger is my defining emotion, which is how I used to think of myself. I used to laugh at people who used words like "journey" to describe their life, but that is probably the only word which sums up how I feel now about my life. I've taken one little baby step with thousands of miles ahead of me, but now I'm looking forward to seeing where I end up!
Thank you so much, Eileen, and Namaste!!!"
   L.B., Aylmer, Quebec

I love going to Eileen's yoga classes because each class is always different and I always learn something new. It's very obvious that Eileen puts a lot of work and planning before each class to make it a personal and healthy experience for each one of us. The warmth that radiates from her make it a pleasure to be one of her students.

Eileen's method of teaching yoga is highly respectful of the body. She approaches this practice with reverence and patience, prompting her students to fully experience each movement-be it ever so subtle-and its effects on their mind-soul."
   S.R., Hull, Quebec

Eileen teaches the path of peace and harmony through awareness of the body and does so with great love and generosity.
   A.V., Ottawa, Ontario

I have been an ongoing student of Eileen's since a year and a half. I realized I needed something in my life that would help me relax and refocus on myself and this is what lead me to Yoga. I was very fortunate to discover Eileen as her loving and caring manner is always one of support and understanding. Through her Yoga classes I have learned to take better care of myself, accept and value all of my being and to begin to appreciate the moment. Eileen's classes are a real blessing in my life and I know that many of her students feel the same way.

I have been going for Thai massage with Eileen for about one and a half years now. I also go to Eileen's yoga classes. During her sessions and classes Eileen brings a different level of energy into the room & a more engaged presence. Eileen guides you through the physical experience and at the same time allows you to go deep and connect with your inner. Eileen's sessions are physically relaxing and at the same time deeply spiritual.

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